Mr. Upul Indrajith – Assistant Director (Western Province), Department of Wildlife Conservation 

Committed to protecting the fauna of our country, Mr. Indrajith has achieved many accomplishments over his career. From establishing a wildlife office in Mirissa for the protection of marine mammals to standing against racketeering in the trading of elephants, Mr. Indrajith has proved himself a force for good within the department despite the pressures faced as a result of his integrity.

Ms. Inoka Kulathunga – Administrative Officer (Land Registration), Kandy Municipal Council 

A public administrator with a proven track record, Ms. Kulathunga has achieved many awards and accolades for herself and the divisions she has served throughout her career. As an auditor, she has been responsible for strengthening accountability and flagging corruption within the Kandy Municipal Council and the Central Province, at times at detriment to the advancement of her career. However, she remains steadfast in upholding her values. 

Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake – Director (Private Health Development Sector), Ministry of Health 

A professional who is dedicated to his work, Dr. Dissanayake has been an asset to the health sector in the country over his career. While serving at the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, Dr. Dissanayake was responsible for tackling negligent practices in the treatment of patients. In 27 years of service, Dr. Dissanayake has never engaged in a strike action, believing that his primary duty is to his patients. 

Ms. Kamani Asoka De Silva – Senior Nurse, Kandy Teaching Hospital 

Ms. De Silva is no stranger to the values of self-sacrifice, integrity, honesty and hard work. Over her many years of service, Ms. De Silva has distinguished herself with the highlight being the establishment of the Cancer “Suwa Sahana” fund for underprivileged patients. From thinking outside the box to ensure better levels of care for her patients to raising awareness among the public on the impact of cancer, Ms. De Silva is a role model for those in the health sector. 

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